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We've planted a lot of trees
“I have grown taller from walking with trees…” — Karle Wilson Baker

Storm season is now upon us, but have you looked at your trees recently to see how well prepared they are?

With the onset of Spring, and the rapidly approaching hotter months, comes storm season. Strong weather patterns bringing rain and wind are often accompanied by a flurry of tree failures, so are your trees ready to weather the storm?

Tree trimming can often be a simple, and effective way, of getting your trees ready for the range of adverse weather conditions sure to be coming their way soon!

Removal of dead or damaged branches is the most basic of tree trimming exercises, with an obvious impact in reducing the potential for failure, when the winds pick up!

Sometimes trees may need to be removed completely, and it is important to make sure you receive all the information, so you can make the right choices about your trees.

The Brisbane Tree Experts team can provide you with great advice about your trees, and how other tree trimming practices may be used to reduce the risks associated with tree branch failure this season,


Trees are important for many reasons.  As tree experts, we understand that there are many instances where it’s necessary to cut down trees, but there are also many instances where, with the right tree management, trees can be preserved.  And here’s why:

Trees keep us alive by providing oxygen

We need oxygen to survive and we depend on trees to provide this oxygen.  In order to make food for themselves, trees go through a process known as photosynthesis where they take in carbon dioxide from the air, and release oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Trees improve our health

Breathing cleaner air is good for our bodies and minds, and trees are one of nature’s greatest air purifiers.

Trees help us save money 

Trees provide shade to backyards, homes and office spaces. As a result, rooms and office spaces remain naturally cooler, reducing the need to use air conditioning as often.

Trees support insects, birds and native wildlife

Trees support an array of beautiful, native wildlife in our neighbourhoods.  In Brisbane we are fortunate to have hundreds of koalas feasting on gum trees


Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) now offer soil injection treatments to promote healthy trees throughout the urban environment. Here at BTE “we care about your trees living” and we are now providing our clients with a soil injection treatment designed specifically to improve and enhance the health and vitality of many of the valuable tree assets that we are lucky enough to manage.


This type of treatment can assist in minimising water reliance whilst maximising nutrient availability to promote optimum tree health and sustainability. These treatments can also be invaluable when dealing with stressed trees suffering from pest and disease problems. Our specialised equipment injects stimulants directly into the root zone of the tree where it becomes immediately available for the uptake by the root system. This application process also assists in reducing soil compaction and aerates the root zone thus enhancing the trees growing environment and its ability to produce new root growth.

We cannot really ‘feed’ trees as they produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis, so BTE treatments are designed specifically to improve the trees natural growing environment. Treatments provide basic fertiliser components of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium but

Queensland arboricultural association logo

At Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) we hear this comment all too often ‘It can’t be that hard to cut a tree down! I’ll just chuck a rope in it and pull it over with the fourby’ or ‘I’m going to Bunnings to buy a chainsaw.’ Generally, this thinking only leads to damage to property or even worse injury.

Embarking on such a dangerous job needs more skill than simply the ability to climb a ladder and drag branches. Tree removal and maintenance work, like any highly skilled profession needs to be undertaken by qualified tree care workers/ arborists.

So how do you find a qualified tree care worker and/or arborist?

Ensure they are a member of the Queensland Arboriculture Association (QAA)

Any reputable company that has been around for a while aligns themselves with industry bodies and associations. These industry bodies are the first place to source qualified contractors.

In QLD we have the oldest and second largest association the Queensland Arboriculture Association. You can spot a qualified member by looking at whether they have the QAA logo on their website or their advertising.


The QAA recently


This genus of tree consists of 8 species of evergreen rainforest trees, 7 of which are native to coastal eastern Australia. They grow into compact trees often attaining dimensions of 5 to 10 metres in crown spread and reaching heights of 8 to 15 metres.

There are 2 common species of this tree often found in domestic gardens throughout Brisbane. Macadamia integrifolia (Smooth-Shelled Macadamia Nut) exhibits glossy oblong leaves in whorls of 3 with smooth slightly wavy edges. Macadamia tetraphylla (Queensland Nut) exhibits whorls of 4 dark green oblong leaves to 30cm long with prickly teeth. Both species have pendulous racemes of white or pinkish flowers in winter to spring.

The trees are self-pollinating and the round, hard shelled nuts ripening in late summer to autumn, drop when released from a leathery green follicle. Macadamia Nuts have long been a food source for Aboriginal Australians. The trees can be propagated from seed but will not bear nuts until at least 6 years old.

Pruning should be kept to a minimum as the trees produce a mass of sucker growth in response which can be problematic to manage within

tree cable bracing | BTE

Urban trees are surrounded by people, property and various other infrastructure that can sometimes be at risk from tree related failures. There are a range of options that modern Arborists can implement to provide supplementary support to trees to reduce any identified risks. Trees with identifiable structural defects such as included bark and co-dominant stems (tree with more than one dominant stem) can be more susceptible to failure. Trees that have heavy, elongated branches may also be more susceptible to failure, particularly when additional factors such as wind and rain are considered.

Ideally, trees with identifiable defects relating to their physical structure and form should be avoided at an early stage, and where possible formative pruning to remove these defects when the trees are young is the best course of action to avoid future problems.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but all is not lost. Installing supplementary support systems in trees is one technique that can be implemented to manage risks, allowing for the retention of important and valuable urban trees. The main reasons these support systems are used is for prevention, restoration and mitigation.

tree props services | BTE

Forming natural tree props by establishing aerial roots at Bulimba Memorial Park is great, but this only works on particular species of trees, as not all trees produce this type of unique root growth. Sometimes trees that don’t produce these roots need a little support too!

There are a variety of options available in today’s modern Arboriculture industry that can be used to assist in retaining important trees within the urban environment, and these include artificial props, cabling and bracing.  Whilst not as common in a residential garden we can often see examples of this in public open spaces where local councils implement unique management strategies to retain important, historical landmark trees. There’s a great example of this on a large Jacaranda mimosifolia: Jacaranda tree growing in New Farm Park which has a number of large tree props supporting the crown.

Here at Brisbane Tree Experts we can provide comprehensive advice about these alternative tree management techniques and can also custom design, construct and install tree props and other tree support solutions that may assist in retaining an important tree asset.

tree stumps

Local householders distressed and overcharged by door knocking Tree Loppers

Brisbane Tree Expert warn householders to be aware of the pitfalls of using unqualified and uninsured tree contractors, especially when it comes to dangerous trees. Door knocking tree loppers rarely have the necessary insurances let alone the required equipment to perform the job safely. As the Tree Industry is yet to be formally regulated, we are finding more and more unqualified and uninsured tree workers popping up. This is a result of opportunistic workers who often pray on the elderly – getting a deal too good to be true. Don’t get caught out or sucked in.

For example, an elderly lady from Springwood was overcharged by $1000 for a tree removal job that wasn’t even finished. She was left distressed and visibly shaken by the whole ordeal. “I now realise that being pressured by large men at the door and not asking for insurance was a big mistake. I think I’ll call the police next time.” said Mrs Jones. (similar story)

Mrs Jones found these strategies to find tree workers helpful for future tree work:



Bulimba Memorial Park is a 4.6-hectare parkland (managed by Brisbane City Council) with its main frontage along the iconic Oxford Street. Historical records indicate that perimeter trees were planted around the park between 1919-1923 in memory of the men and women from the Bulimba district who enlisted and went overseas in World War 1.

Still present today are the original row of memorial plantings of Ficus obliqua: Small Leaved Fig located along the Oxford Street frontage which were inter-planted with Syagrus romanzoffiana: Cocos Palm.  Under the Fig tree canopy inside the Oxford Street park entrance gates is a cairn with a metal plaque bearing the following words:

‘Bulimba Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park’ Opened on the first day of November 1919, by the Honourable W.H. Barnes, MLA and dedicated to the soldiers, sailors and nurses who enlisted from Bulimba for service in the Great War 1914-1919’.

Each individual tree is believed to have had a commemorative plaque honouring a serviceman killed in action, but none remain on the site today.



Brisbane Tree Experts were engaged by Brisbane City Council to carry out some interesting work to


In late October 2013 I was lucky enough to be invited to the United States to participate in a Leadership Workshop with the International Society of Arboriculture in Illinois. This was the perfect opportunity to tack on a holiday with my wife in New York City before heading to the workshop.

We flew into New York in the middle of the day, and the first thing that you see is how green this immense city is. Of course Central Park stands out like a beacon of green for all to see.

Our first day was spent in the park, yes the whole day! We entered the park at 100th St, and were met with walkers, runners, rollerbladers, bike riders, nannies, and tourists alike. Coming from the hustle and bustle of the city that doesn’t sleep, the first thing that strikes you is how quiet the park is.

The park offers a great escape for city dwellers from the madness that is New York. Throughout the park there are lakes, museums, castles, ponds, baseball fields, live entertainment, restaurants, tennis courts and more importantly a

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