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Does my tree need cable bracing?

Urban trees are surrounded by people, property and various other infrastructure that can sometimes be at risk from tree related failures. There are a range of options that modern Arborists can implement to provide supplementary support to trees to reduce any identified risks. Trees with identifiable structural defects such as included bark and co-dominant stems (tree with more than one dominant stem) can be more susceptible to failure. Trees that have heavy, elongated branches may also be more susceptible to failure, particularly when additional factors such as wind and rain are considered.

Ideally, trees with identifiable defects relating to their physical structure and form should be avoided at an early stage, and where possible formative pruning to remove these defects when the trees are young is the best course of action to avoid future problems.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but all is not lost. Installing supplementary support systems in trees is one technique that can be implemented to manage risks, allowing for the retention of important and valuable urban trees. The main reasons these support systems are used is for prevention, restoration and mitigation.


At Brisbane Tree Experts we choose to use the Cobra Cabling System which provides a non-invasive system incorporating shock absorbers and tree growth loops, allowing the tree to gain important natural strength whilst preventing any unnecessary damage to the cambium layer as the tree grows. Other tree support systems such as bracing, guying and propping can also be utilised by the modern Arborist to manage risks and prolong the useful life expectancy of important urban trees.

These types of techniques should only be recommended and installed by qualified and experienced arborists, so be sure to contact Brisbane Tree Experts We can assess your trees and provide professional advice about how to manage your valuable tree assets. Contact us today and book in your tree assessment with one of our qualified arborists.