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Artificial tree props and supports

Forming natural tree props by establishing aerial roots at Bulimba Memorial Park is great, but this only works on particular species of trees, as not all trees produce this type of unique root growth. Sometimes trees that don’t produce these roots need a little support too!

There are a variety of options available in today’s modern Arboriculture industry that can be used to assist in retaining important trees within the urban environment, and these include artificial props, cabling and bracing. Whilst not as common in a residential garden we can often see examples of this in public open spaces where local councils implement unique management strategies to retain important, historical landmark trees. There’s a great example of this on a large Jacaranda mimosifolia: Jacaranda tree growing in New Farm Park which has a number of large tree props supporting the crown.

Here at Brisbane Tree Experts we can provide comprehensive advice about these alternative tree management techniques and can also custom design, construct and install tree props and other tree support solutions that may assist in retaining an important tree asset.