Our staff possess a high level of experience within the tree services industry providing friendly and professional service every time. Our key focus is safety, via highly maintained equipment and a highly skilled team.

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Our Social Responsibility

At Brisbane Tree Experts, we are: Socially responsible, Environmentally friendly and Community focused. It’s fitting that we are in the tree care business because we’ve really ‘grown’ with the community; and not just the Brisbane community, but the greater community as well.
We have always been socially responsible, with some of our initiatives being in place since our business started. Brisbane Tree Experts are recognised as industry leaders in this regard, having won the inaugural Queensland Arboricultural Association ‘Sustainability Award 2012’.

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Paperless Quoting System

To minimise paper wastage we complete all tree service quoting on an iPad, and we email the quote directly to you. If you don’t have a computer, no worries, in these cases we will print the quote and post to your address. We are extremely proud of our paperless quoting system!

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We ‘Adopt’ a Tree For You at the End of Your Tree Care Job

At the completion of our tree care service we purchase a tree for you in one of Australia’s revegetation plantations. You can follow its progress over the years! It’s a small way to say thank you, while also supporting the ‘greening’ our beautiful country.

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We Strictly Adhere to the Australian and International Pruning Standards

Reckless, needless or incorrect pruning leads to the unnecessary destruction of trees, as well as contributing to potentially hazardous situations. We always follow the strict pruning standards AS 4373-2007 for the Pruning of amenity trees. This Australian Standard® was prepared by Committee EV-018, Arboriculture.

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100% Vegetation Recycling

All trees are recycled in one form or another. All chips are sent to a wood mill where they are made into other products. All large tree parts are sent to hammer mills where they are made into timber products.

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Wildlife Regulation and Rescue Mandate

In many cases, we deliver tree care services in order to protect people’s homes. In doing so, we are possibly disrupting or removing the homes of our Australian wildlife. To minimise the effects on these animals, we arrange for certain animals such as nesting birds to be rescued and relocated. If there is a koala in your tree, we are legally required to stand down and we will return to complete the tree work the following day (because Koalas do not stay in the same tree overnight). Any tree service company who works on a tree with a koala in it will be heavily fined.

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We Support the Community through Charity Events

If you are interested, we’ll provide you with information about Movember and Breast Cancer Awareness.

National Tree Day

Trees are our past, present and our future. They keep us alive as well as being aesthetically pleasing. We are proud to take part in National Tree Day , which is a fantastic initiative to encourage people to plant native trees and plants. Check out the latest photos in our gallery.

We Take Part in Movember

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

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