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Specification 3: Branch Removal

Branch removal can be broadly defined as the removal of a discrete and complete part of the tree structure. This operation may be undertaken for a range of reasons such as providing clearance from surrounding structures or to remove generally undesirable portions of growth specific to a client’s individual needs.

The removal of individually identified branches from a tree may provide a solution that allows for the retention of the tree within its growing environment, whilst minimizing any existing conflicts between the tree and its surroundings.

Every arborist should consider a range of factors when assessing individual branches to be removed, including the size of the wound that will result from the removal of the entire branch, the impacts of the removal on the overall shape and structure of the retained tree’s crown, and the most likely response that can be expected from the tree in the future.

There are also more complex issues relating to potential changes in the dynamic capacity of the tree’s crown which may have implications with regard to the general safety of the retained tree requiring consideration by suitably qualified and experienced arborists.

The friendly team at Brisbane Tree Experts can discuss these issues specific to your own requirements during a detailed appraisal of your trees.