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Top 3 reasons for stump grinding

Stump grinding tree stumps and tree roots can be a great source of relief and satisfaction once your tree removal has been fully completed. The small investment in stump grinding unwanted stumps can have huge benefits short term and long term.

So what is stump grinding? Stump grinding is when a machine with hardened steel teeth rotating at high speed inch by inch literally chips away the tree stump below ground level. By passing over the stump from side to side the spinning wheel gradually chips away at the stump until it’s just a pile of saw dust.

The top three reasons for stump grinding are-

  1. Aesthetics– They are simply unattractive! Unsightly tree stumps dotted around the yard are not only an eyesore, but can devalue your property when selling. Tree stumps can also be very dangerous and an ongoing source of frustration when trying to mow around them. And they can even cause a huge amount of damage to vehicles if driven over.
  2. Landscaping– Once tree stumps have been ground down past a certain level you can reinstate grass, even replant another tree in the same spot or concrete a new footpath over the top. Turn an unusable area into a practical outdoor living space or a grassed area for the kids to play on.
  3. Termites– Infestation can be a very real threat to your property. Once the tree has been removed it cannot ward off any attacks from white ants or termites. Termites feed upon old roots, tree stumps, fallen tree limbs and branches on the ground, and similar materials. In the wild termites actively breakdown timber helping the recycling process. Reduce the risk of termites entering your property by removing tree stumps.

So you can see that these top 3 reasons for stump grinding really make sense. Increase the usability of your yard or garden and grind out those unsightly tree stumps. Brisbane Tree Experts are committed to providing the best outcome for your tree maintenance. Our trained/qualified arborists can help you make the right decisions for your yard including those unsightly, unsafe and termite ridden tree stumps by recommending stump grinding.

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