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Our top tips for finding a qualified arborist

At Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) we hear this comment all too often ‘It can’t be that hard to cut a tree down! I’ll just chuck a rope in it and pull it over with the fourby’ or ‘I’m going to Bunnings to buy a chainsaw.’ Generally, this thinking only leads to damage to property or even worse injury.

Embarking on such a dangerous job needs more skill than simply the ability to climb a ladder and drag branches. Tree removal and maintenance work, like any highly skilled profession needs to be undertaken by qualified tree care workers/ arborists.

So how do you find a qualified tree care worker and/or arborist?

1. Ensure they are a member of the Queensland Arboriculture Association (QAA)

Any reputable company that has been around for a while aligns themselves with industry bodies and associations. These industry bodies are the first place to source qualified contractors.

In QLD we have the oldest and second largest association the Queensland Arboriculture Association. You can spot a qualified member by looking at whether they have the QAA logo on their website or their advertising.

The QAA recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary, guiding and supporting tree companies with education for their staff and hosting events such as the Queensland Tree Climbing Championship and the ever popular QAA ArborCamp. These events are imperative for staff and company owners alike, enabling them to mix with like-minded tradesman, and keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

BTE have proudly been Qualified Members of the QAA since 2011and members almost from the start. To be included in this register each year BTE must comply with the QAA’s Criteria List below.

The Criteria for Qualified Contractors

  • Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 3 in Hort (Arboriculture) or Arboriculture
  • 2 suitably qualified operatives (as above) per team
  • EWP Operators Ticket (where applicable)
  • Course in General Safety Induction (Blue or White Card)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • All relevant Insurance
  • WH&S Policy
  • Environmental Management Policy

2. Ensure they are a reputable provider

When choosing an arborist, ensure they are experienced with a strong track record. For example, do they have testimonials from satisfied customers? It’s important that you put your tree health in the right hands. Don’t settle for second best or the cheapest price.

Brisbane Tree Experts is a family owned tree maintenance and removal business that has been trusted by the people of Brisbane for over 40 years. Call today 1300 043 740 or contact us here and see the difference we will make with your trees.