Tree Care Services

Getting rid of a tree can be a very hard decision, but sometimes it’s the only option. There are certain steps we recommend prior to removing a tree. Get in touch to find out how BTE can help you.

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Variety of services

Residential Tree Services

Please ensure that you contact your local council for approval before commencing any form of tree removal or reduction. Where required, we can liaise with local councils regarding Vegetation Protection Orders (VPO) on your behalf. For advice regarding VPOs, please contact us.

The Brisbane Tree Experts team can provide you with great advice about your trees, and how other tree trimming practices may be used to reduce the risks associated with tree branch failure this season, without the need to remove the trees completely!

Make sure you receive tree removal advice from suitably qualified and experienced arborists. Not doing it right can often lead to bigger problems just around the corner!

No matter how big the stump or the access Brisbane Tree Experts ‘Stump Grinding Unit‘ can get the job done!

Sometimes Palm Trees on your property can create problems as they are very different to most trees. If you have Cotton Palms, Cocos Palms or Alexander Palms and don’t know how to deal with them BTE can assist you.

Professional tree maintenance services include tree removal, tree survey, stump grinding, palm cleaning & removal, fallen tree, emergency storm damage, tips and advice that helps to maintain good tree health.

Removal of dead or damaged branches is the most basic of tree trimming exercises, with an obvious impact in reducing the potential for failure, when the winds pick up!

Tree Lopping Services

The main benefits of BTE as a provider of your ‘Tree Needs’ are based on the ability to listen to the requirements of the customer and tailor work around their expectations. Trees are important to all of us and with the right information and the right team; you can get the outcomes that you and your trees require.

Case Study

Part of Brisbane Tree Experts (BTE) commitment to our customers comes with high responsibility to deliver a quality and professional service. One of our customers June has a large estate in Sunnybank Hills that she now looks after on her own with the ongoing help and support from her adult children. There are many trees on this property that could ultimately be removed with the wrong advice or guidance. BTE have made a conscious decision early in 2010 when June engaged BTE that we would make sure that she only did the tree work that she needed or specifically wanted.

This was to ensure that her family home stayed as intact as possible while still removing trees that posed a great risk. Advice, trust and a very professional relationship has developed with June and her family where we now see each other every six months to discuss the work that needs to be done over the year.

Over the years BTE has built a long-standing relationship based on reliability, trust and timely advice given by our team, our knowledge about the trees on the property and what it means to the family and to June in particular.

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