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Tree Maintenance – Part 2

Specification 1: General crown thinning and tidying.

The general crown tidying and thinning of your trees can be broadly defined as:

  • The removal of dead, dying or diseased branch wood from throughout the tree crown. See also Specification 2: Dead-wooding. (next blog)
  • The removal of broken branches or branch stubs which have been retained from previous tree surgery or pruning activities.
  • The removal of crossing/rubbing branches that may be causing physical damage within the tree crown.
  • The removal of undesirable epicormics (sucker) growth.

This process may also involve the removal of unwanted objects from throughout the tree crown which may include ivy, and/or other climbing plants, nails or foreign objects embedded in the tree, redundant cable bracing, rope swings, tree houses and wind-blown rubbish, as well as any such debris from any cavities within the tree.

It is generally considered that this process of cleaning out and general tidying is beneficial to both the tree and the tree owner!


About the author: Dave is a qualified, experienced and passionate arborist working with the awesome team at Brisbane Tree Experts. “We care about your trees living”. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and discuss your tree management requirements.