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5 ways to avoid getting ripped off by tree loppers!

Local householders distressed and overcharged by door knocking Tree Loppers

Brisbane Tree Experts warn householders to be aware of the pitfalls of using unqualified and uninsured tree contractors, especially when it comes to dangerous trees. Door knocking tree loppers rarely have the necessary insurances let alone the required equipment to perform the job safely. As the Tree Industry is yet to be formally regulated, we are finding more and more unqualified and uninsured tree workers popping up. This is a result of opportunistic workers who often pray on the elderly – getting a deal too good to be true. Don’t get caught out or sucked in.

For example, an elderly lady from Springwood was overcharged by $1000 for a tree removal job that wasn’t even finished. She was left distressed and visibly shaken by the whole ordeal. “I now realise that being pressured by large men at the door and not asking for insurance was a big mistake. I think I’ll call the police next time.” said Mrs Jones. (similar story)

Mrs Jones found these strategies to find tree workers helpful for future tree work:

  1. Ask for all relevant insurances
  2. Never pay cash
  3. Get more than one quote
  4. Never let them quote and start the job on the same day
  5. See what Associations they are a part of and call them for a reference

Mrs Jones has already found more than one reputable tree contractor to provide her with a professional service. Queensland Arboriculture Association (QAA) Vice President Ben Inman agreed with these strategies. “It’s easy to find qualified tree contractors once you know how!” explained Mr Inman.

Brisbane Tree Experts is a family business that has been operating in the greater Brisbane for over 40 years. Glenn Walton has experience from groundsman to level 5 Arborist, specializing in tree management including tree trimming , tree removal and all other related tree works. He also volunteers as President of the QAA and helps out with other groups.

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