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To lop or not to lop?

Choosing an appropriately qualified arborist to care for your trees is extremely important. You wouldn’t accept or engage an untrained electrician or plumber for obvious reasons, so why settle for less when working on your trees?

The term ‘tree lopping‘ refers to the indiscriminate ‘topping’ or ‘lopping’ of your trees in a way which does not conform to the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees, AS 4373-2007. This poor practice, which is still common place within the urban environment, will leave your trees unsafe.

Looking unsightly and will result in a broad range of undesirable outcomes, not just for your tree, but for you as well. So don’t settle for less, and don’t lop trees unnecessarily. Getting the right advice now will give you the best outcome, and save you money!

A fine example of the unsightly appearance of a severely ‘lopped’ tree. The aesthetic and amenity values of the tree have been completely lost, with the tree now viewed as a blot on the surrounding landscape. Provision of shade and softening of adjacent built forms may never be replaced by this specimen. This severe action may be beyond the tolerable limits of the tree which may die as a result.

About the author: Dave is a qualified, experienced and passionate arborist working with the awesome team at Brisbane Tree Experts. “We care about your trees living”.