Our Gift to You

  1. Offer applies to “tree removal” jobs with a minimum value of $1000.

Mulch for Sale

  1. Forest Mulch delivery may take up to 7 days depending on availability and location.
  2. Forest Mulch is a blend of different tree species including palm trees, Forest Mulch may contain a certain amount of Palm trees.
  3. Forest Mulch loads can be purchsed without Palm trees. Loads may take longer for delivery and may incure extra charges.
  4. (03)* When placing an order with BTE* credit card details are required to secure Forest Mulch delivery. No transaction will be made until Forest Mulch has been delivered.
  5. (10.) All due care has been taken by BTE to ensure information has been obtained from reliable sources, however, BTE can neither guarantee nor be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the aforementioned sources.
  6. (22.) All bookings are subject to weather conditions. Inclement weather may result in bookings being rescheduled. Whilst every effort is made to anticipate weather related cancellations BTE may need to reschedule bookings without prior notice. BTE will not be liable for any failure or delay caused by forced majeure, inclement weather or any other delay outside the control of BTE.
  7. (26.) Forest mulch will only be delivered if the- ground is flat, ground is not too soft from excess water or rain, no wires are obstructing truck to tip safely. This includes driver’s discretion.
  8. For ease of delivery, photos or sketches can be provided or simply place a box or pot on the site to mark where the Forest Mulch is to be tipped.
  9. BTE does not accept damage to underground services unless the client provides details of the location of such services prior to tipping.
  10. Cancelation of bookings or no safe access to tipping site resulting in Forest Mulch not being delivered will incur a minimum charge of $80 payable by the client.
    *BTE – Brisbane Tree Experts.
    ( ) – refer to Brisbane Tree Experts full Terms and Conditions.