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Bilyana Sipinkoski

Omg, I am so very grateful to Glenn for coming out to visit my ‘proud of his castle’ 88 yr old father. We have watched our widower dad deteriorate in stress and frustration due to 2 years+ of issues with his 80 yr old neighbour and her tree roots causing structural damage to his property. The failure of any acknowledgement or discussion of the situation with either her nor any of her extended, frequently visiting family, resulted in our inability to resolve the situation. We watched dad become alienated from and angry towards us in his late years. Until a kind young professional suggested an “arborist” perhaps could offer us guidance.

An arborist! Yes of course! Not only did Glenn from Brisbane Tree Experts not ignore our contact email, as all the others did, he replied promptly and scheduled an on-site inspection at his earliest convenience and boy were we glad this amazing man was the one to reply. What we saw in Glenn was: punctuality, warmth and attention and adept understanding of plants and vegetation, respect and kindness with an elderly person, an ability to create a calmness to my dad’s stressed disposition, patience in his listening skills, the tender way he addressed dad in his communication, and the intuitive way that he could take command of the discussion when required, his respect to my husband and I in quickly understanding our inadequacy to make the situation right for dad without fully understanding our rights re root blocking and the different root system of various trees, A report was written up the very same evening. The gratitude we feel towards Glenn and Brisbane Tree Experts is immeasurable. Simply having had the pleasure to have come across such a kind and generous human being is gratifying in this day and age.