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Anyone that has run a business knows the rollercoaster it can be and BTE was no exception.

Building the business has been a long, tough road.

The thing that ended up making all the difference?

Kindness…and a helping hand!

From friends, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers. A helping hand and a kind word when I needed it most.

Life is a tough road, but one thing that makes a real difference is that helping hand.

It’s why I started this initiative, to give a little something back. I want to help brighten the day of a stranger with our services. Be it tree trimming, grinding, or stump removal. I’ve even managed to rope in a few friends, so we just might surprise you with what we can do!

Don’t let battlers continue going it alone!

If you or someone you know needs a hand – drop me a line. I’m here to offer a helping hand.

Glenn @ BTE

Our partners

Brisbane Tree Experts is currently working with the following businesses to help out Brisbane's battlers. Thank you to each and every one of you!

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