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BTE’s Useful Watering Tips

Many of us turn on the sprinklers during in the dry months and the hotter months to keep a nice green lawn. But does this benefit the trees as well? By following these basic rules, we can be wise with our H2O usage.

When should I water?
The best time to water is during the evening, or very early in the morning. This way the hot sun is avoided, reducing evaporation and allowing the water to really soak in.

How often should I water?
There are many variables to consider, such as climate and soil conditions. The general guide to good watering for your established trees is a minimum of fortnightly watering, but, ideally, weekly will give the best results.

How much should I water?
Ultimately, what trees really like is a consistent amount of soil moisture, over a long period of time. Not enough water and even the largest of trees may ultimately die! Too much water and trees may drown because of a lack of oxygen.

How do I know if the soil has the right moisture level?
Testing the soil is the best way to check. Dig a small hole near the tree (be sure not to damage any of the roots) and rub the soil between your fingers. If it feels moist, not dry or soggy you are on the right track. If it is dry and crumbly – add water if you find there is too much water check your drainage.


Where should I water?
Tree roots will grow wherever favourable conditions exist, so water wherever you can around your trees. As a general guide, use the drip line of the tree crown. (The drip line is where the foliage finishes.)

Remember tree roots generally grow between 400 to 600mm below ground level. The water near the surface will be stolen from all other vegetation including grass or even be evaporated. So use the drip or slow watering method to get the best outcome for your trees.

Trees in Brisbane need water to survive and stay strong, healthy trees with thick green foliage not only look beautiful but provide important shade in our harsh summers when the temperatures climb. So don’t just water your plants and grass actively water your trees. Be water wise with your trees.

About the author: Dave is a qualified, experienced and passionate arborist working with the awesome team at Brisbane Tree Experts.
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